Unknown Facts About SEO

Information is plenty and is very engaging but what is even more interesting are the facts that govern the subject. You must have come across these points at some point or the other. However, here is a look at some of the facts revolving around Search Engine Optimisation to capture your interest.

  1. The top two functions carried out by users on the internet are to send emails and to search for information.
  2. The number of people who searches for information using their smartphones has crossed over 50% and continues to increase.
  3. The worth of the search engine industry is estimated to be more than $65 billion.
  4. Of the different search engines available, Google alone holds about 70% of the market share.
  5. The total number of searches carried out in a month all over the world is more than 150 billion.
  6. Out of the ten or twenty search results that appear on page 1, the top 5 search results are probed into further by at least 75% of the users.
  7. Of all the users searching for information, about 75% of them do not proceed to the information beyond page 1.
  8. Organic searches result in about 70% of the links to be accessed.
  9. Most of the users, around 80% of them ignore paid ads and focus more on the organic search results.
  10. SEO off-page accounts for about 75% and on-page accounts for the remaining 25%
  11. Blogs are considered as an important asset during website creation by over 80% of the businesses.
  12. The two most important elements in a website include content and page titles.
  13. Meta descriptions increase the click-through rates and the average character length of meta descriptions should be 155.
  14. A good article should comprise of at least 1900 to 2000 words.

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